For Foreigners


Are you a foreigner living in South Bohemia? Are you longing to be in a community of friends who understand you and support you? Are you looking for a way to meet interesting new people?

We are too.

Maybe you are a Christian but have trouble finding people here who share your faith. Maybe you believe “church” is not just about a worship assembly, but is more about being a family of believers serving God together. Furthermore, you would love to be part of a church family with a worldwide perspective. And perhaps you feel more comfortable speaking English than Czech.

So do we.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, please join us for our international Christian worship. You’re welcome to just visit and check us out, of course, but we really hope you will choose to stay and be part of our family of faith. You have a place here! This church needs you. We believe God has brought you here for a reason.

Why did you come to South Bohemia? Work? Education? Love? Asylum? We want to hear your fascinating life story! But do you know the rest of your story? What comes next?

Maybe there’s a bigger reason that you are reading this right now. We encourage you to pray and ask God what he is leading you toward. Because ultimately, God is the one writing the big story in history, and in this grand epic of his Kingdom, he has parts for each person to play. It’s our choice whether we play the roles he has cast for us. What abilities and opportunities has God given to you, and how does he want you to use them? We’d love to help you discover God’s calling for you in his Kingdom adventure.

We’re on that same journey. Join us!

We meet at the Křesťanské centrum Ratolest (the Ratolest Christian Center). We’d love to see you at 10:30 a.m. on one of our international worship Sundays (or any other Sunday, for that matter!). Or at 9:30 a.m. if you have kids you want to bring to our children’s Bible hour.

Nejnovější příspěvky

Workshopový víkend

Srdečně Vás zveme na workshopy a semináře na téma Křesťanští odborníci slouží Vám. Vstup je zdarma.

Program se skládá z tří prezentací:

marcinSeznamte se s nakladatelstvím Eastern European Mission (EEM)

Kdy: čtvrtek, 19. 1., 16:00 hod.

Kde: Jihočeská univerzita, zasedací místnost v budově „Bobík“

Řečník: Jaroslav Marcin, zástupce EEM pro střední Evropu

dedinamatusbwcropEtika na pracovišti

Kdy: sobota, 21. 1., 10:00 hod.

Kde: Křesťanské centrum Ratolest, místnost 1

Řečník: Matúš Dedina, Senior HR Service Partner v DHL IT Services, Praha

dedinamelissaHomeschooling Legally: Navigation and Resources for Expats  

Time: Saturday, 21. 1., 15:00

Location: Křesťanské centrum Ratolest, místnost 1

Presenter: Melissa Dedina, Czech and Slovak to English translator, mom, homeschooler

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